About Us


ShreeDhar Private Limited (SDC) came into existence in 2011 and has growth each year in the last years making an impact on the technology industry and the society.

Innovation in Technology and implementation of the ‘innovative solutions’ to solve problems using technology has made SDC a successful venture.  SDC specializes to deliver specialist services in telecommunication, media, payments and financial services industry.

SDC has laid the foundations in technology and delivered some of the most important technology projects in UK, US and Europe.

Realising the ‘need’ of a technology platform in Media in Bollywood and to bridge the gap between Bollywood and the rest of the world including Hollywood SDC introduces our sister concern Silver Screen Portfolio (SSP).

Silver Screen Portfolio is an innovative venture, which is a the doorway and a passage to the cinema and possibly stardom. We are the only platform that unites the acting and movie industry and aims to penetrate to the roots by targeting specific markets like regional cinema to international markets. We aim to make the process of hiring talented individuals seamless by connecting them to genuine filmmakers.

We ensure that the casting companies on our platform go through appropriate checks and new & established talented individuals, across the cinema with skills like acting, modeling, musicians, writers, technicians’ to lighting professionals get access local as well as international opportunities. We are well connected with the Indian Cinema and have connections with the international casting community. We are striving to penetrate into the regional cinema with innovative technology and are working to improve this platform continuously.

For any improvement suggestions or feedback please contact us on info@silverscreenportfolio.com